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LX800/LX810/LX900/LX910/LX1000/LX2000 Label Rolls

Label Ordering Information

Choose your label stock size and type from the table below and then click on the Primera part number to order and for more information.

Note that label sizes are width by height as they come out of the printer, as per the below image.


Not sure about the label stocks? All label stock listed below is Primera official label stock so you know it is optimised to work with your Primera printer.

Want to know more about the different types of labels we offer? Click the button below to view more information on the different label types and compare the properties of each.


We recommend that all label stock should be thoroughly tested under end-use conditions to ensure it meets the requirements of the specific application. Before ordering, please request a sample via the "Get Sample Label Pack" button below if you have any doubt about suitability. We recommend testing especially if you plan to use any type of label stock in or near water or under direct sunlight. 

Just want to see a sample of the different types? No problem, request a sample pack.


Don't see the size you want? We can make it for you!  


  Currently available Label Stock:

W x H*SLabels
Per Roll*
High Gloss
High Gloss
Plus Paper
White Poly
Clear Poly
19mm x 170mm
(2 across)
  810                   LX4019170X2
25mm x 15mm
(2 across)
  7780                   LX4025015X2
27mm x 209mm
(2 across)
  660                   LX4027209X2
32mm x 60mm
(2 across)
  2200                   LX4032060X2
30mm x 77mm   870         LX5030077          
30mm x 90mm
(2 across)
   1500          LX5030090X2          
32mm x 76mm   875 74895-932                  
35mm x 60mm   1110 LX3035060                  
38mm x 25mm  SQ 1920           LX6038025Q        
38mm x 38mm   1600 LX3038038                  
38mm x 76mm   850 LX3038076 74664 LX2038076   LX5038076 LX6038076       LX4038076
38mm x 102mm   625 LX3038102   LX2038102   LX5038102 LX6038102 LX7038102 LX8038102   LX4038102
38mm x 152mm   450     LX2038152              
38mm x 174mm   400         LX5038174          LX4038174
38mm C 1600-1700 LX3038CIR   LX2038CIR   LX5038CIR LX6038CIR LX7038CIR LX8038CIR   LX4038CIR
48mm x 190mm SQ 360         LX5048190Q          
50mm x 15mm SQ 3890 LX3050015Q                  
50mm x 130mm   525                   LX4050130
51mm x 25mm   1775 - 2300 LX3051025   LX2051025   LX5051025 LX6051025 LX7051025 LX8051025 85111 LX4051025
51mm x 51mm   1250 LX3051051   LX2051051   LX5051051 LX6051051       LX4051051
51mm C 1250 - 1300 LX3051CIR   LX2051CIR   LX5051CIR LX6051CIR LX7051CIR LX8051CIR   LX4051CIR
51mm x 98mm   700 74895-A067                  
51mm x 152mm   425 LX3051152   LX2051152   LX5051152 LX6051152       LX4051152
55mm x 32mm SQ 2000         LX5055032Q          
55mm x 115mm   590         LX5055115          
55m   Continuous         LX5055000          
57mm x 70mm SQ 950 74895-A499                  
60mm x 35mm   1840 LX3060035                  
60mm x 90mm SQ 760                   LX4060090Q
64mm C 1000 LX3064CIR   LX2064CIR  
LX5064CIR  LX6064CIR       LX4064CIR
64mm x 76mm   890 LX3064076                  
64mm x 152mm   425         LX5064152          
64mm x 178mm   375 74893                  
65mm x 195mm   375 74895-A066                  
69mm x 93mm   500           75970-113        
70mm x 70mm SQ 960                   LX4070070Q
76mm x 25mm   2300 LX3076025   LX2076025   LX5076025 LX6076025       LX4076025
76mm x 38mm   1600 LX3076038                  
76mm x 51mm   925 - 1250 LX3076051   LX2076051   LX5076051 LX6076051       LX4076051
76mm x 64mm   750 - 1000 LX3076064 74662 LX2076064   LX5076064 LX6076064     85112 LX4076064
76mm x 76mm   890 LX3076076                  
76mm C 850 74828   LX2076CIR   LX5076CIR LX6076CIR       LX4076CIR
76mm    Continuous LX3076000   LX2076000   LX5076000 LX6076000       LX4076000
76mm x 102mm   625 LX3076102                 LX4076102
76mm x 127mm   415 - 540 LX3076127 74663 LX2076127   LX5076127 LX6076127 LX7076127  LX8076127   LX4076127
76mm x 140mm   480                   LX4076140
76mm x 152mm   440 - 450   74665     LX5076152           
80mm x 60mm  SQ 1110 LX3080060Q                  
80mm x 80mm SQ 840 LX3080080Q                  
83mm x 83mm   810                   LX4083083
85mm x 120mm   560 LX3085120                  
88mm x 92mm   730         LX5088092          
99mm x 254mm   275 74895-A020                  
102mm x 38mm   1600 LX3102038                  
102mm x 51mm   925 - 1300 LX3102051  74661 LX2102051   LX5102051 LX6102051       LX4102051
102mm x 76mm   625 - 890 LX3102076 73323 LX2102076   LX5102076 LX6102076 LX7102076  LX8102076 85114 LX4102076
102mm x 102mm   625 LX3102102   LX2102102   LX5102102 LX6102102       LX4102102
102mm x 152mm   325 - 450 LX3102152   LX2102152    LX5102152 LX6102152      85110 LX4102152
102mm C  660 LX3102CIR    LX2102CIR   LX5102CIR LX6102CIR       LX4102CIR
109mm x 60mm   1110 LX3109060                  
110mm   Continuous     LX2110000              
118mm x 210mm   320                   LX4118210
120mm  C 600 LX3120CIR   LX2120CIR   LX5120CIR LX6120CIR       LX4120CIR
127mm x 60mm   1110 LX3127060                  
127mm x 102mm   625 LX3127102   LX2127102   LX5127102 LX6127102       LX4127102
140mm x 114mm   600 74895-A021                  
140mm x 120mm   560         LX5140120          
140mm x 150mm   450                   LX4140150
140mm x 180mm   375 74895-938                  
148mm x 210mm   330 LX3148210   LX2148210    LX5148210 LX6148210       LX4148210
152mm x 51mm   1250                    
152mm x 102mm   625 LX3152102   LX2152102   LX5152102 LX6152102       LX4152102
152mm   Continuous                   LX4152000
180mm x 35mm   1800                   LX4180035
203mm x 38mm SQ 1700                   LX4203038Q
203mm x 102mm   625                    
203mm x 127mm   530         LX5203127          
203mm x 152mm   425 LX3203152   LX2203152   LX5203152 LX6203152       LX4203152
203mm x 203mm   300                   LX4203203
203mm   Continuous     LX2203000   LX5203000         LX4203000


S=Shape. C = Circle. SQ = Square Corners. Unless stated otherwise under the shape column, all labels include a .125" corner radius. Some labels are perforated and others are non-perforated. Please check the product page for more details or check