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Food Printer Products

Build a new business or expand your existing business with Eddie the Edible Ink Food Printer!

Unlock Culinary Creativity: 

  • Eddie empowers bakers, confectioners, and food enthusiasts to unleash their creativity. Imagine printing intricate designs, personalised messages, or even company logos directly onto cookies, cakes, and other edible treats. It’s like having a stainless steel cookie customiser at your fingertips! 
  • Whether you’re a professional baker or a home cook, Eddie lets you transform ordinary desserts into edible works of art. Surprise your customers with custom-printed cookies that celebrate special occasions, holidays, or corporate events. 

Certified Food-Safe Ink: 

  • Eddie uses certified food-safe ink, ensuring that every printed image is safe for consumption. You can confidently serve these decorated treats at parties, weddings, or business gatherings. 
  • Say goodbye to traditional frosting techniques and hello to precise, vibrant prints. Eddie’s ink adheres seamlessly to the surface of cookies, leaving them dry and ready for sale immediately after printing. 

Speed and Efficiency: 

  • Need to produce a large batch of personalised cookies in a short time? Eddie has you covered. It can print 5 to 6 cookies per minute. 
  • Whether you’re running a bakery or planning a special event, Eddie’s efficiency allows you to meet high demand without compromising quality.