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Label Printers

Our LX series label printers can be split into three categories to meet a range of use cases: 

1. Entry Level - LX500c - Supports up to 108mm wide label printing and use a small size tri-colour dye ink cartridge. The LX500c is our cheapest printer to purchase, but has higher on-going running costs (prints relatively more slowly and uses relatively more ink). However, this is a great choice for short-to-medium runs of high quality labels of up to 1,000 per day printed with dye-based inks. 

2. Mid-Range - LX600/LX610 and LX910 - Supports up to 127mm wide or 203mm wide respectively and use a very high capacity dye or pigment tri-colour cartridge. The LX600/610 can produce up to 3,000 labels per day. The LX610 has a built in plotter cutter to allow standard die-cuts – such as squares, circles, or rectangles in any size - or a contour cut that automatically and precisely follows the outline of the image (though this will require a software upgrade, PTCreate Pro). The LX910, like the LX610, has a built-in plotter cutter to allow for standard die-cuts. It cannot do contour cuts but can produce up to 5,000 labels per day. All of these printers come with dye-based ink cartridges but also have the option of using Pigment based inks for even better durability when paired with our synthetic label rolls. 

3. High End - LX3000 Dye or Pigment - with 203mm wide printing and 3 separate ink tanks (pigment or dye versions available). This printer provides the lowest cost per print and the highest resolution in the industry and can produce up to 7,500 labels per day with a built-in plotter cutter to allow for standard die-cuts.